About Trautner Geotech

Our Team

Trautner Geotech was founded by David L. Trautner, PE, CPG in 2007 after working in the geotechnical engineering field in the Four Corners area since 1980.  Dave fully retired in 2022 handing over the reigns to Principals Jason A. Deem, PG and Thomas R. Harrison, PE.  Both Jason and Tom have over 20 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering and engineering geology fields. 

Our staff also includes Jonathan P. Butler, PE who managers our Cortez Office and often deals with highly complex projects in the Telluride, Colorado area.  Gina Denten manages our Materials Testing Division and all CDOT testing projects.  We also maintain a full support staff of Senior Materials Testing Technicians, Geologists, Field Technicians and office support personnel. 

Our Equipment

We have one truck mounted drill rig and two rubber track mounted drill rigs available for geotechnical engineering exploration. We also provide NWL core drilling services.

Our Laboratory

Our laboratory is fully equipped to perform all typical construction monitoring tests on soil, concrete and select testing for asphalt concrete. We have over 30 odometers for measurement of soil swell/consolidation potential, California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests, Direct and Triaxial Shear Strength Tests, Permeability testing, Atterberg Limits, sieve analysis, hydrometer tests, Los Angeles Abrasion tests and most other commonly needed tests for geotechnical engineering evaluation and construction monitoring services.