geotechnical engineering, material testing, and engineering geology

Trautner Geotech LLC specializes in geotechnical engineering for foundations, geologic hazard evaluations, and materials testing of soil, commercial aggregate products, concrete, asphalt, and rock.

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Geotechnical Engineering

Exploration and evaluation for construction and land development projects.

laboratory testing

Laboratory Services

Soil, pavement, concrete, asphalt, and pavement analysis.

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Field Material Testing

Construction monitoring/testing of soil, aggregate, concrete, and asphalt concrete.

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About Our Firm

We have offices in southwest Colorado, and work throughout the Four Corners region, including Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience in the construction and engineering disciplines.

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Project Gallery

Trautner Geotech provides comprehensive field and laboratory services for construction and development projects. Our project clients include private landowners, government agencies, educational institutions, and recreational providers.